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Bergamot Dry Body Oil

Bergamot Dry Body Oil



Bergamot Dry Body Oil

Dry Oil!? Don’t worry this body oil is just as smooth and soft as other oils, but with a few clever differences. Leaving a satiny sheen rather than a slicker coat like most oils, dry oil is non greasy, light and easy to apply. We’ve then thrown caution to the wind and infused the oil with bergamot – a clean crisp and exotic scent, that together leave a glossy veil of summertime radiating from your skin.

A perfect fragrance for dry body oil, the bergamot orange is a delightful citrusy, fresh aroma that awakens the senses, saturating your skin with a zesty spirit to kick starting your day.


How to Apply

Holding the bottle around 30 cm away from your skin, spray a light layer all over your body, paying particular attention to any dry areas of skin. After a few moments the oil will dry, leaving your skin soft and silky smooth. For the best results, use after a shower.



Cyclomethicone, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond Oil), Citrus, Glucoside (Bergamot Essential Oil)